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Heating & A/C Maintenance Services for Bay of Quinte Region

Friel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc offers two types of service and maintenance plans for in-warranty and out-of-warranty heating and cooling appliances. Maintenance and tune-up services are available throughout our service area, including Belleville and Bay of Quinte Region.

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Maintenance Plan (In-Warranty)

Our Maintenance Plan provides an annual factory tune-up and equipment cleaning. Each year, we will call you to schedule your tune-up and cleaning. This plan is ideal for equipment that is still covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Most manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance of the equipment within recommended intervals. This plan provides you with the peace of mind in knowing your unit’s warranty will be honoured — we’ll even call and remind you of upcoming service dates and to schedule your next tune-up.

Maintenance & Protection Plan (Out-of-Warranty)

Ideal for out-of-warranty equipment, this plan provides an annual factory tune-up and cleaning of the equipment as mentioned under the Maintenance Plan.


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