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When you think of clean, fresh air, you probably imagine a place like the Canadian Rockies. But, with a heat recovery ventilator system, or “HRV,” you can have fresh, clean indoor air — even during the winter months!

How Does an HRV Work?

HRVs are used in colder climates to supply continuous fresh air from the outdoors while minimizing heat loss. As your warm, stale indoor air is vented to the outside of your home, an HRV’s core traps much of the heat before it escapes. The core then uses that heat to warm up the fresh, incoming are from outside.

This process helps you conserve energy while also extending the life of your furnace. Not only will you have a continuous supply of fresh air and save on energy costs, but your family will thank you for the increased comfort.

Call Friel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to learn about our HRV products from quality brands such as vanEE®.

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