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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating & Air Systems

Q: Why is it that I don’t seem to be getting a lot of air flow from my floor registers?

A: This could be an indication that the furnace filter needs changing. Turn off the furnace and check the filter. Change the filter if it appears dirty.

Q: I just turned on my central air conditioner for the first time this year. Why does it appear nothing is happening?

A: Check that the furnace is switched on and that the thermostat has been changed from “Heat” to “Cool.” And if your outside unit has electrical disconnect, check that it is placed in the “On” position.

Q: My thermostat doesn’t appear to be working / the display is flashing. What is going on?

A: Many modern thermostats require batteries to operate. Remove the cover on the thermostat and replace the batteries. These typically take AA batteries.

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